How to use the 360Giving Data Quality Tool

Upload, paste or provide a link to data in the 360Giving Data Standard format, and this application will convert between JSON, Excel and CSV formats, allowing you to download the original file, and the converted versions.

You will also be able to inspect key information from the data that the application is able to find, so that you can check the data.

This tool will:

Check your data is valid. When it passes these checks, you will know that it is formatted for re-use

It will not:

Check your data is accurate. Read about common data errors and how to check for them in the Common Errors section.

Check the data against your own open data policy. Read more about Publishing and Using Open Grant Data .

To preview how this tool works, try loading some sample data.


The application accepts data in some of the formats given in the 360Giving Data Standard guidance.

Acceptable files are:

More Information

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